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Goals is dedicated to improving the quality of life for the greatest number possible by supporting learning, teaching, and sharing for all ages around the world.

It has often been said that we learn best by teaching. The more we share with others, the more we become aware of the world around us and realize we can play a part in designing the future.

This web site serves as an online resource for learning and teaching. By organizing and annotating quality web links, it supports the location of materials to create learning plans in any of the listed subject areas. The sites linked here have been selected because they gather together informational or educational content on each topic. Generally, commercial sites are only included if they are believed to contain valuable information in a specific discipline, or to provide collections of links to additional resources.

Browsing this site, as you might browse the shelves of a library, can lead to some delightful discovery learning. Enjoy!

Peak Learning: How to create your own Lifelong Education Program . . .
The Bases of Competence: Skills for Lifelong Learning and Employability
Making Lifelong Learning Work: Learning Cities for a Learning Century
The On-Line Learning Handbook: Developing and Using Web-Based Learning
E-Learning: Strategies for Delivering Knowledge in the Digital Age