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Moving to e_Learning
Currently, teachers and trainers are being asked to transition from familiar methodologies -- using training manuals, printed lesson plans, and classroom instruction -- to e-Learning. While long-time participants in the Computer-Based Training (CBT) field view the change as "long overdue," to many in the teaching profession, it feels like a sudden paradigm shift. Fortunately, a number of leaders in the field are sharing the Best Known Methods (BKMs) on the web, as they learn.

Teaching and Learning on the Internet ...from the University of Colorado at Denver School of Education.

MarcoPolo Program for Teachers ...Internet content for the classroom.

Ask ERIC ...Education database including internet sites, educational organizations, and discussion groups.

Teach & Learn, Links & Resources ...A Portal for Education Professionals. ...Directories of Internet Universities and Training Institutes with programs for learning to teach online.

Teaching and Learning Online ...Web learning strategies from CSU Sacramento.

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE) ...teaching and learning resource directory.

CNN Student News ...News for students, resources for teachers.

Tech Learning Online ...News and resources for teaching with technology.

The Chronicle of Higher Education ...Information Technology and Online Education. Gazette publication with columns, articles, and feature stories for Teachers.

Centra Blended Learning eConference
...Online conference for industry experts, business professionals and educators.

Computer Using Educators (CUE) ...supports and promotes the application of technology in education.

American Distance Educators Consortium (ADEC) ...promoting excellence in on-line teaching.

147 Practical Tips for Teaching Online Groups : Essentials of Web-Based Education
The Bases of Competence: Skills for Lifelong Learning and Employability
Making Lifelong Learning Work: Learning Cities for a Learning Century
The On-Line Learning Handbook: Developing and Using Web-Based Learning
E-Learning: Strategies for Delivering Knowledge in the Digital Age